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Connie Blabs During Flick

I miss Connie’s calls. Excited at being chosen to be a speaker at the AARP@50+ event, last week Connie Chung snuck away from Maury long enough to leave a message on my phone. We have this code so that Maury, who is insanely jealous, doesn’t know where she’s heading out. He thinks she’s going to [...]


Thinking God Thoughts

I’m sorry that I’ve been out of touch the last few days. I finally tracked down Paris. She never did find that club, and she refused to go on the ‘PovBoat‘, as she called it, when they were evacuating Lebanon. “I am not even INTO chicks anyway, that was just to turn on some hot [...]


Christie Brinkley in Tears, Wipes Them on Her Sleeve

Today I was supposed to go with Courtney Love to what we call “pancake rehab” (IHOP) and she’s really fussy if I don’t show up when I tell her I’m going to pick her up, but with traffic in LA and that stupid slow Starbucks drive-through near her house (I have to bring her a [...]


BREAKING: Janice Dickinson Crushes Pedestrians, Hope

WEST HOLLYWOOD, Cali. (AP) – An 89-year-old woman passing through a crowd at a gay summer music festival in West Hollywood panicked after striking one pedestrian and his poodle and lurched through the throng of thongs, injuring 17 people, before finally getting into her car, officials said. The rest were non-life-threatening injuries. The driver, Janice [...]