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themanse.jpgGrowing up in LA and NYC is tough – but it’s even harder with rich rich rich parents who know everyone who is someone. My dad is an accountant and apparently really good at his job. My mom … well, no one advises on fashion like her. So here I am. I’m a spoiled brat with too much money, too much time and not enough attention, and sometimes I need to strike out at my friends, at The Industry, at LA, at myself. Well, not a lot at myself. Mostly my friends. Mostly.

There are three of us who hang – and please DON’T ever call us Charlie’s Angels cuz Tori Spelling gets really upset what with the recent passing of her dad and everything – and we all specialize in a certain area: Bunny does hair, ZsaZsa does clothes, and I (Brad) do Personality.

What you read here and the pictures I share are the unabashed-gods-honest- cross-your-heart-and-hope- to-not-get-caught-fucking-while-on- the-phone-truth. Please only share this info with your closest – and I mean closest like Romy and Michele close, not like Mary-Kate and Ashley fake close.

That’s all.