WET PaRtY at the haunted Roosevelt Hotel (did he sleep there?) | Who invited HIM?

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WET PaRtY at the haunted Roosevelt Hotel (did he sleep there?)

I didn’t really want to go out today but You Know Who made me to out with her to show off the new dog she got. I tried to tell her that people just don’t do doggy purses anymore but she just broke up with You Know Who Else and so it’s either drag along some stupid dog and get some sun, or spend hours sneaking from theater to theater in the multiplex eating discarded candy and half-empty soda. You think she doesn’t do that? You’re wrong! You Know Who told me that she feels like since she’s in The Industry that she should have to pay for tickets – or candy or soda! Well, I’m sorry, but after I slurped down that backwash of chewing tobacco, I’m happy to pay $18.50 for a cherry Coke from the fountain.

Anyway, if you look close, you’ll see us at the beginning of the video next to the big tent. But look close. I don’t like being filmed in public, so I’m only on there a short moment. I’m in green, she’s in black with a blue stripe in front. AND SHE ‘CHECKED’ HER DOG, IF YOU CAN BELIEVE IT!!! I swear. If she didn’t have me to depend on, I don’t know what she’d do. Probably end up at Buena Vista doing a kids show or something. Shudder.


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