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Welcome to whoinvitedHIM.com!

themanse.jpgSo I’m at this party the other day at an Italian restaurant (no names – but it ends in “Garden” … don’t hate me because I’m rich white trash!) and I’m telling this hilarious story about the Bush Twins – turns out they’re not really twins and that one of them was just slow (daddy’s mostest drunkest sperm got to the egg first?) and got held back two years but they didn’t want to hurt her feelings so they made up the twins thing. Two points for guessing which. Anyway, so the guy goes, “So you’re like the person at the party that people talk about from across the room … like … ‘Who invited him?’ … which I took a real compliment! So I called my PR assistant and got this site set up. I like it. So on to me.

Growing up in LA and NYC is tough – but it’s even harder with rich rich rich parents who know everyone who is someone. My dad is an accountant and apparently really good at his job. My mom … well, no one advises on fashion like her. So here I am. I’m a spoiled brat with too much money, too much time and not enough attention, and sometimes I need to strike out at my friends, at The Industry, at LA, at myself. Well, not a lot at myself. Mostly my friends. Mostly.

There are three of us who hang – and please DON’T ever call us Charlie’s Angels cuz Tori Spelling gets really upset what with the recent passing of her dad and everything – and we all specialize in a certain area: Bunny does hair, ZsaZsa does clothes, and I (Brad) do Personality.

What you read here and the pictures I share are the unabashed-gods-honest- cross-your-heart-and-hope- to-not-get-caught-fucking-while-on- the-phone-truth. Please only share this info with your closest – and I mean closest like Romy and Michele close, not like Mary-Kate and Ashley fake close.

That’s all.


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